Der Spion der Lakritz hasste

Bei Amazon fand ich dieses Buch, dass mich natürlich dazu brachte hier kurz darüber zu berichten :-)

The spy who hated licorice

A heady thriller about spies, sex, and counterespionage. A new kind of kick for the suspense addict by Richard L. Hershatter.
The Spy Who Hated Licorice is a wild and humorous sex and spy thriller featuring a really remarkable spy-monger-a trench-coated young lawyer who teams up with a Taiwanese beauty whose expertise includes Arabic belly dancing.

Der Autor

Richard L. Hershatter is a graduate of Yale and the University of Michigan Law School. His military background includes 3½ years of wartime experience in both the Air Force and the Army with the AES, Korea Base Command. He is married and lives on Longboat Key, Florida and Clinton, Connecticut.


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