DJ LaKritz macht Musik

Immer wieder fallen mir Musikschaffende ins Auge, die sich namenstechnisch bei der schwarzsüßen Köstlichkeit bedient haben.
Bei myspace findet man auch den DJLaKritz.

How it started
It all goes back to 2003. It all started with a joke at MIA, together with Dj Timmy_L. He was already one of the resident Dj’s and used to play an Electro Rock/Pop/Clash style. I started Deejaying with him. We used to rock it out at MIA! Later we became to have a vulgar interest for a more beatable type of music, so we started to play a more determined style and, by this time, started to mix the tracks. Unfortunately, he opened his own Bar and so we got separated… then I started to play alone and gain my own resident at MIA, a place that means a lot to me! Nowadays I continue there with my monthly residence however, it has changed the management. During the change, I got a little lost and loosed my resident but now I am lucky to be there again.

Where comes the nickname from?
The Dj nickname I have chosen has all to do with my background. I lived for 14 years in Germany therefore, it had to be in some kind related to that country, beside the best productions of international electronic music are from Germany – Berlin. The name I choose was LaKritz – it is a gum made in germany, and an uncommon one, it is black and tastes bitter. I have chosen such a strange object because when I started to play sound with Timmy_L we used to play music that no one else (that we knew) use to; therefore, I had got a name from a gum that is different from all the other ,, like I was as a Dj.


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